The Happiest Companies to Work for in 2015

Do you have a solid picture in your head of the ideal location to find a job and build a career? Some people want to stick close to roots and family, while others may require a certain geographic location in which to hone their trade. But if you’ve got some flexibility and sense of adventure, consider one of the companies that CareerBliss just proclaimed the Happiest Companies for 2015.

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The list honors the top companies dedicated to creating happier work environments – as voted for by their own employees.  The top ten are listed here, along with a direct link to their current employment listings, but check out the whole list at the CareerBliss website.

1.  Johnson & Johnson (HQ: New Brunswick, NJ) –

2.  Broadcom (HQ: Irvine, CA) –

3.  Chevron (HQ: San Ramon, CA) –

4.  Texas Instruments (HQ: Dallas, TX) –

5.  McAfee (HQ: Santa Clara, CA) –

6.  Google (HQ: Mountain View, CA) –

7.  Intuit (HQ: Mountain View, CA) –

8.  Adobe (HQ: San Jose, CA) –

9.  Amgen (HQ: Newbury Park, CA) –

10.  SAP (HQ: Walldorf, Germany) –



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