The Case for Defying Your Parents and Choosing a Liberal Arts Major

In the age of helicopter parenting, it’s not surprising that new high school graduates are not only feeling the pressure of where to go to school, but what to study.

A recent Washington Post article by Steven Pearlstein outlines the dilemma: I want to study Ancient Greek Rhetoric, but my folks are demanding that their $80,000 investment see a healthy return. I guess I’m stuck with engineering.

As Pearlstein explains, perhaps it’s time to point out to parents what the Association of American Colleges and Universities found in their study: that “93 percent of employers agreed that a ‘demonstrated capacity to think critically, communicate clearly, and solve complex problems is more important than [a job candidate’s] undergraduate major’–…precisely the capacities that a liberal arts education is meant to develop.”

Check out the whole article here:

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