2017 Trends for the Workplace

Happy New Year!  Now that we’ve inaugurated a new President and experienced his first week in office, many are wondering what his potential changes will mean to the day-to-day lives of real people. Jena McGregor of The Washington Post has some theories about what trends will occur in the workplace during 2017.  Here are the highlights of her article:

1. More companies will eliminate the once-a-year pay raise. Having 2 or 3 windows per year when a company looks at the productivity of their employees can offer more value to the best performers and keep the focus on good work year-round.

2. Exotic perks will start tapering off, but some aimed at millennials will grow. Rather than offer specific perks like food or games that may only appeal to a particular few, employers may start offering small budgets for life improvements that are more personal and chosen by the employee.

3. As states make marijuana legal, companies will update their policies. More legality equals fewer screeners and tests about the topic when applying and more liberal policies company-wide, regardless of state.

4. Some employers will experiment with using location data to track workers. Additional invasion of privacy, or easy way to show your boss how much overtime you put in at the office? Either way, your phone or badge may be giving your employer extra information about your whereabouts.

5. The move away from performance review ratings could reverse. Those big companies who had abandoned employee ratings systems are finding their employees less than enthused. It seems that personal satisfaction for a high rating was deemed pretty valuable.

6. Even if the overtime rule dies, companies that gave raises to their employees will keep them. While the official legislation remains locked in a court battle, companies who had committed to the increases or made similar changes to employee salaries aren’t inclined to go back on their promises.

Check out the article online here for a lot more information.

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